The Ottawa Police Service has released their annual crime trends report for the City of Ottawa and each of the 23 individual wards, including Stittsville. I was also glad to see last week that Chief Peter Sloly announced a restructuring of the police service to put a greater focus on community policing and social services. A greater focus on eliminating the root factors that lead to crime is the right way to keep our community safe.

Overall across the City:

  • With approximately 43,000 reported Criminal Code of Canada offences (excluding traffic) in the City of Ottawa, the level of reported crime increased by ten percent last year.
  • The clearance rate for total Criminal Code offences (excluding traffic) fell by one percentage point in 2019, with 34% of all cases cleared by charge or cleared otherwise.
  • Ottawa’s Crime Severity Index (CSI) rose by six percent last year to 57 points – the Violent Crime CSI increased by three percent to 67 points; while the Non-Violent crime CSI increased by eight percent to 54 points.
  • The volume of reported Violent Crime in Ottawa increased by 10 percent, driven by a growing number of threats uttered to a person (+25%), robberies (+19%), and assaults (+9%).
  • There were 13 homicides in the City of Ottawa, down 2 from the previous year.
  • The number of shootings was in line with historical results, with just over 70 incidents last year.
  • Ottawa Police members seized nearly 90 crime guns in 2019 as a result of investigative and proactive work to address street violence in our community.
  • Non-violent crimes (Property Crime) in Ottawa rose by 10 percent last year, driven primarily by theft under $5,000 (+13%) and fraud (+20%).
  • With the growing number of thefts, OPS members worked closely with partners to host a Retail Theft Conference to identify strategies to address this growing problem.
  • Despite the increase in property offences, the number of break and enters citywide declined by nine percent, with 32 percent of all cases cleared (An 8 percent improvement).
  • Of 709,000 calls received in 2019, 345,800 were entered into the OPS dispatch system, with 71 percent requiring an on-scene police presence. This is in line with results from the prior year.
  • With a 10% increase, police officers generated over 90,000 calls in 2019 through on-view or proactive work to address crimes in progress, community wellbeing or safety concerns.


The information also includes the results of a survey about resident perceptions of safety and security in their communities. In Stittsville, 96% of residents reported feeling safe in the community, compared to 92% city-wide.

The Top 5 ward policing concerns were:

  • Speeding cars/aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Identity theft
  • Theft from vehicles
  • Internet/Cyber crime

You can read the Stittsville report here and the City-wide reports here.