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Stittsville Main Street is the centre and soul of our community. In many ways Stittsville Main is what differentiates Stittsville from other Ottawa communities outside of the Greenbelt. I have a lot of optimism for this street, and there is no shortage of ideas about what the street needs get better. But so far there’s no central plan to bring all these ideas together and start setting some priorities for revitalization.

As a first step towards creating a plan, we’ve published a discussion paper called “Revitalizing Stittsville Main Street”. You can download it from the links below. From now until the end of March, we’re collecting your feedback and comments. Please take some time to read the discussion paper, fill out our online survey, and take part in one of our public events to share your ideas.

My goal is to help Stittsville Main Street grow into one of Ottawa’s most exciting and vibrant main streets, so that it continues to be a point of civic pride for our community.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Glen Gower
City Councillor, Stittsville
January 2020


A. Read the discussion paper

Stittsville Main Street discussion paper

This discussion paper is a starting point to engage the community (residents, businesses, community groups, and others) in a healthy discussion about the future of Stittsville Main Street. We’ve shared ideas in five categories: economic development; transportation and mobility; beautification; activities; and municipal planning.




B. Take the survey

After you’ve read the discussion paper, please share your feedback via this online survey.  Individuals or organizations can respond to the questionnaire. Click here to take the survey…




C. Attend an event

We’re hosting two public workshops in March:

We’re also hosting several pop-up Councillor Chat events in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for details!

We’re also visiting local community groups during the months of January, February and March to talk about the discussion paper and gather feedback. If you’d like us to attend your event to talk about Stittsville Main Street revitalization, please get in touch.




D. Contact us

Questions? Comments? Additional Feedback?
Click here to reach us…