The latest in our video series about development and growth in Stittsville. In this episode, Councillor Glen Gower and Jordan Moffatt look at future roads and transportation projects in Stittsville.

In this video you’ll learn about:
– The “when, where and how” of roads and transportation in Stittsville
– When will the rest of Robert Grant be built?
– Plans for Carp Road, Maple Grove, Huntmar, Fernbank, Cope, and Terry Fox
– The Stittsville Main Street Public Realm Plan, and what it means for pedestrians and cyclists
– OC Transpo plans for the Fernbank area
– Improvements coming in 2022
– How do we pay for new roads?
– How can we build new roads faster?
– The upcoming Transportation Master Plan review, and how your feedback will make a difference

We’ve included maps from this episode below.



Planned bus route for the Fernbank area



Major road projects in the 2013 Transportation Master Plan



Robert Grant Avenue corridor, from Palladium Drive to Fernbank Road.