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Here’s Ottawa’s Residential Dwelling Approval Pipeline report for Q3 2023 (July, August, September)

Ottawa Residential Dwelling Approval Pipeline. Q3 2023: July, August, September

And here are the 2023 year-to-date numbers.

Residential Dwelling Approval Pipeline. YTD 2023: January - September

The 2031 Municipal Housing Pledge is here.

This data is on the agenda for Ottawa’s Planning and Housing Committee meeting of November 29. The staff report accompanying the graphics notes:

  • Construction is picking up on apartments.
  • Building permits are up 129 per cent from 1,327 dwellings issued permits in Q2 2023 to 3,040 dwellings issued permits in Q3.
  • Housing starts are also up 66 per cent from 1,688 to 2,797.
  • There was a 9 per cent increase in dwellings granted land use permissions (from 5,400 to 5,886).
  • There was an 18 per cent increase in dwellings approved (from 3,841 to 4,545), driven by an increase in apartment units granted land use permissions or approvals (up 28 per cent from Q2).
  • Year-to-date in 2023, there have been 24,686 dwellings granted permissions or approved through development applications, excluding duplicate applications for the same project.
  • Of those 24,686 units, only 2,343 units or 9 per cent have been issued building permits as of Q3 2023.

The latest updates of the pipeline are posted on as well as Open Ottawa.