Two applications for the same property in Stittsville are coming to the Committee of Adjustment this February. The Committee of Adjustment makes decisions on applications for minor variances from a Zoning By-law.

6 Ember Glow: The first application seeks to tear down the current building and subdivide the property into two separate parcels. Two 2-storey single family homes would be built at 4 and 6 Ember Glow.

(4) 6 Ember Glow: Approval of the first application will create two separate parcels with a frontage of 16 m each. The Zoning By-law requires a minimum lot width of 20 m. To proceed with the construction of the two single-family homes, the Committee of Adjustment has to allow the reduced lot width from 20 m to 16 m.

You can find the full agenda and all supporting documents here…

The Committee of Adjustment holds regular Public Hearings to consider the applications that fall within its mandate. The meetings are open to the public and any interested party can appear before the Committee to present their views in support of or in opposition to an application. Public Hearings are held in the Council Chambers at Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive. Stittsville is part of Panel 3. The next Public Hearing takes place on February 6th and Panel 3 applications are heard starting at 9:00 am.