The City has received a revised submission for 130 Huntmar, including a proposed Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Plan of Subdivision. The developer (Urbandale / Lioness) wants to build a mixed-use subdivision with 631 homes (singles, townhomes and low-rise apartments) along with blocks reserved for commercial uses, a school and a park. You can read the proposal on the City’s DevApps site…

You can share your comments or ask questions by contacting planner Stream Shen at or 613-580-2424 ext. 24488, and you can copy

Some of my comments on the resubmission:

  • Development of this land will allow for completion of a section of Robert Grant Avenue between Maple Grove and Huntmar. Robert Grant is the highest transportation priority for Stittsville.
  • The inclusion of land for commercial/retail is good – mixing some community retail with residential is important to achieve the objective of creating 15-minute communities.
  • I’d still like to see higher density with fewer single family homes and more stacked townhomes or low-rise apartments. The project does achieve a density of 51 units per net hectare, which is above the standard for greenfield development. However, because it’s adjacent to a future LRT station, a higher density would be a more efficient use of land around the LRT station.
  • In the revised submission, “Street #5” has been realigned to match with Rosehill, which makes for a better road layout.
  • The Huntmar-Maple Grove intersection is overloaded now, but there are plans to upgrade the intersection in 2021 and we will see future improvements to Huntmar Drive and Maple Grove Road.
  • A multi-use pathway (MUP) is planned along Huntmar Drive as part of this development. I’ll be looking for more details about active transportation links (pedestrians and cycling) to the future LRT station as part of the plan of subdivision.  I’ll also be looking for road design to support traffic calming and 30km/h speeds.  All local roads will have one-sided on-street parking.