(Photo credit: Andre Hallam)

The City of Ottawa is creating a new plan to guide the renewal all public features of Stittsville Main Street—that’s everything from benches and streetlights to sidewalks and traffic lanes. The goal is to make the street more beautiful, inviting, safe, and functional for all visitors and road users. We want to hear your ideas to make the Public Realm Plan, along with Main Street itself, as good as it can be.

By visiting Engage Ottawa, you can reach out to the project managers with your feedback (feel free to copy Councillor Glen), stay up-to-date on the project’s progress, and subscribe to receive updates delivered right to your mailbox. The public engagement will also involve a virtual workshop open to all residents (stay tuned for date and time) as well as consultation with a working group consisting of the Stittsville Business Association, Stittsville Village Association, and the Stittsville Main Street Steering Committee.

Stittsville Main Street was last reconstructed 30 years ago, and so many elements of the street are either reaching the end of their lifespan or not up to modern standards. Developing a Public Realm Plan is important to guide future work to renew the street.

The work on this plan extends from our “Revitalizing Stittsville Main Street” project, which was designed to further discussion, generate ideas, and identify stakeholders and volunteers to participate in future planning and advocacy.

The Public Realm Plan process will study:

  • Pedestrians and cyclists
  • Landscaping and Public Space Opportunities
  • Street Furniture and Lighting
  • Existing and Planned Context
  • Vehicle circulations and volumes
  • Street intersections
  • Below and above grade utilities and services
  • Previous Urban Planning work completed for the study area (Stittsville Main Street Secondary Plan and the Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan).
  • Private approaches, parking and loading

The data will inform the new requirements and designs of sidewalks, cycling facilities, public spaces, street furniture, street lighting, landscaping and other details as identified.

This project is scheduled to be delivered in four phases:

  • Phase 1: Project Launch (September 2021)
  • Phase 2: Existing Conditions and Transportation Study
  • Phase 3: Identification and Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Phase 4: Recommended Public Realm Plan (early 2022)