Good morning! This week’s update is from Crossing Bridge Park on Hobin Street.

This week’s info:

  • Ottawa River Flooding – volunteers needed, visit
  • Bear sightings
  • Proposal for a new “Pay-As-You-Throw” garbage bag system
  • Crossing Bridge Park renewal
  • OC Transpo bus route review / survey
  • Nightlife commissioner
  • Affordable Housing – Scaling Up report
  • Sod turning for the new St. Bernadette Catholic School on Cope Drive
  • CPI Interiors – celebrating 25 years
  • Tour of the City’s traffic facilities
  • Today – Jane’s Walk on Stittsville Main Street – registration is full
  • May 18 – Councillor Chat & “Slow Down for Us” sign giveaway
  • May 28 – Mission to Mars family bike ride
  • May 31 – Volunteer Awards
  • Cleaning the Capital – Thank you to volunteers! 66 groups registered, over 1,400 volunteers in Stittsville
  • Multicultural & Human Rights Calendar
  • Make the right call! 9-1-1 for emergencies & crimes in progress; 3-1-1 for City issues – parks, graffiti, potholes, trees, etc.

Have an excellent week!

–Councillor Glen

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