(Photo: Maple grove at Putney Park)

Starting in October and continuing til the end of November, the City’s Forestry Services team will be planting new trees in parks, at City facilities, and at homes in our community. Over 300 trees are being planted this fall in Stittsville.

Public locations include:

  • Wyldewood Park
  • Crossing Bridge Park
  • Ladybird Park – woodlot rehabilitation (more info)

Many homeowners have also requested trees through the City’s Trees in Trust program.  Species to be planted include:

  • Amur Maple
  • Sugar Maple
  • Freeman Maple
  • Downy Serviceberry
  • Northern Catalpa
  • Katsura
  • Turkish Hazelnut
  • Maidenhair
  • Honey Locust
  • Amur maackia
  • Pink spires crabapple
  • American hophornbeam
  • Blue spruce
  • Callery pear
  • Bur oak
  • Sorbus thuringiaca
  • Japanese lilac
  • Prospector elm
  • Nannyberry

Where tree planting is scheduled on City property adjacent to a residence, individual notifications will be provided to the resident in advance of planting.  Residents should also expect to see utility locate flags and paint on the ground prior to planting.

To learn more about the City’s tree planting program and how to request a tree for your property, click here or call 3-1-1.