The City of Ottawa will be upgrading the Huntmar and Maple Grove intersection in 2022. The new design will expand capacity for vehicles through the addition of turn lanes in all directions and enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists with a “protected intersection” design.

This is welcome news and a much-needed project. The Huntmar/Maple Grove intersection—which not so long ago was just two rural roads and a stop sign—was never built to handle the amount of traffic it’s seeing today. Fixing the bottleneck here will be a big step to improving the congestion Stittsville residents experience when travelling to and from the Queensway.

The scope of this work only involves the intersection itself. Further work to upgrade Huntmar is planned for 2026-2031, and the planned Maple Grove upgrade between Terry Fox and Huntmar is scheduled for post-2031.

The design shown above isn’t final and may change slightly as the plan develops. The construction will take place in 2022.

What’s a “protected intersection”?

To improve safety for all road users, Huntmar and Maple Grove is being upgraded to what’s called a “protected intersection,” which is based on designs from the Netherlands.

The idea is to provide each road user—vehicle drivers, cyclists, pedestrians—with their own space. The benefits for safety are a result of:

  • More controlled right-turning movements for vehicles
  • Two-stage left turns for cyclists so that they can avoid crossing multiple lanes of oncoming traffic
  • Shorter crossing distances for pedestrians

You can watch a video on what protected intersections look like in action here:

While this is a new concept in Stittsville, the City has built several protected intersections at over the last few years—with some more in construction right now, and many more to come. You can see existing protected intersections at the following locations:

  • Clegg Avenue and Colonel By Drive (Capital Ward)
  • Donald Street and St. Laurent Boulevard (Rideau-Rockcliffe and Beacon Hill-Cyrville Wards)
  • Fisher Avenue and Dynes Road (Knoxdale-Merivale and River Wards)
  • Dynes Road and Prince of Wales Drive (River Ward)
  • Chapman Mills Drive and Mancini Way/Leamington Way (Gloucester-South Nepean Ward)
  • Chapman Mills Drive and Longfields Drive (Gloucester-South Nepean Ward)
  • March Road and Herzberg Road (Kanata North Ward)