A Bell contractor will be starting fiber installation work in the Fairwinds area on the following streets:

  • Maple Grove Drive between Montserrat Street and Huntmar Drive.
  • Huntmar Drive between Maple Grove Drive and Rosehill Avenue.
  • Vendevale Avenue between Warmstone Drive and Huntmar Drive.
  • Mistral Way between Huntmar Drive and Sonesta Circle.
  • Sonesta Circle between Huntmar Drive and Huntmar Drive.
  • Etesian Street between Sonesta Circle and Rosehill Avenue.
  • Burnaby Drive between Huntmar Drive and Rosehill Avenue.
  • Rosehill Avenue between Huntmar Drive and Warmstone Drive.
  • Tempest Drive between Rosehill Avenue and Warmstone Drive.
  • Shawondasee Street between Tempest Drive and Tempest Drive.
  • Riverfront Court between Tempest Drive and cul-de-sac.

Residents will see paint and flags to mark existing utility locations, and residents directly affected by the work will receive notices in their mailbox.  You can email customer.care@telecon.ca with any questions or concerns.

Construction debris clean-up along Fernbank

Ottawa By-law officers and City construction inspectors have been following up with home builders to ensure that garbage and debris is cleaned up properly. It’s particularly bad this year along Fernbank Road. The builders are required to clean up the mess, and last week they hauled away 15 truckloads of garbage.  The work is ongoing.

The City of Ottawa’s roads team also does an annual spring clean, but some of this work has been delayed due to COVID-19.

You can report garbage issues, illegal dumping, and related concerns by calling 3-1-1.