A note from Shannon Gutoskie, Community Relations Coordinator with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA):

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and our Foundation, in partnership with the Ottawa Stewardship Council, the City of Ottawa and Friends of the Carp River have been working towards creating a “Living Classroom” at what is currently called the “Carp River Wetlands Environmental Area” – a four-kilometre walking loop near the Canadian Tire Centre/Tanger Outlets.

The site is within walking and biking distance to some 50,000 residents and is a great resource for the 40 schools within 20 kilometres of the site. An app is currently being developed that will be used on site to help visitors understand and engage with what they are seeing and include an encyclopedia of plants, wildlife, geographic details, historical events and “did you knows.”

The goal is to have this available to the public by June 2019, but we need some help along the way. We have created a volunteer position for a Campaign Manager to help realize this goal. I have attached the criteria and ask that you share it with people whom you feel would be interested in this position.

Download: Campaign Manager Volunteer Position (PDF)


Carp River Restoration Area Carp River Restoration Area