Updates on development applications in Stittsville.
More info: https://www.glengower.ca/development/

1. DevApps with upcoming meetings

a. 37 Wildpine Court
29 units (towns and semis)
Latitude homes (Zayoun Group)
Meeting on December 6

b. 1037 Carp Road
Office building
Meeting on November 30

c. 360 Bobolink
Broadstreet properties
354 apts
Meeting on December 15

d. 1927 Maple Grove
38 townhomes
Meeting TBD
Maple Grove Towns Ltd (Zayoun Group)


2. Maple Grove – various developments

a. 1620 Maple Grove
48 stacked towns

b. 1837 Maple Grove
90 townhomes
Stone houses

c. 1869 Maple Grove
Approved in August
17 units (towns, smis)
Zayoun Group

d. 1919 Maple Grove
36 semis, 26 towns, 6 apartment buildings (phased)

e. 1981 Maple Grove
211 townhomes


3. North of Hazeldean

a. 195 Huntmar
Over 1,000 units

b. 130 Huntmar
630 units

c. Brigatine/Khamsin
15 detached, 32 towns

d. 21 Huntmar
344 units, two phases
North American


4. Fernbank

a. 5959 Fernbank (Shea Village)
350 units
Cavanagh/Patten Homes

b. 6015 Fernbank
550 units

c. 5725 Fernbank (Westwood 2)
CRT~600 units

d. 5618 Hazeldean (Kizzel)
Developer TBD
Nearly 2,000 units

e. 723 Putney
112 stacked

f. 620 Bobolink
84 stacked

g. 5000 Robert Grant
500 apts, phased

5. Miscellaneous

a. 1520 Stittsville Main (The Station)
33 units

b. 60 Defence Street
Ottawa Catholic school board
Elementary school

c. 6171 Hazeldean
Zayoun Group
529 homes/apartments
Mix of singles, towns, apartments

d. 6111 Hazeldean
Big car wash

e. 2510 Wellings

f. 155 Iber

g. 24 Iber
No Frills plaza

h. 5705 Hazeldean
Development of shopping plaza

i. 16 and 20 Cedarow
Next phase of Wellings

j. 37 Orville
58 units
3rd of three low-rise apartment buildings

Join Councillor Glen on November 22 for his next online Councillor Chat. This time around, we’ll be focusing on all the latest on development files in Stittsville and will take your questions live from 7 pm to 8 pm. Participate via the Zoom link below or stream the chat live on our Facebook page.
You can watch previous editions of the Councillor Chats on our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHKqAut73R4q6LoI8PASUug
What: A live video chat focusing on development in Stittsville where you can ask questions directly to Councillor Gower. We’ve done a few of these before, all archived on our YouTube page.
When: November 22, 2021, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: Join on Zoom link above or watch livestream on Facebook