We hosted an information meeting on February 22 about construction activities for the new Hazeldean Crossings development at Hazeldean and Victor. Over 50 residents attended to hear updates and ask questions to the developer and his building team. Here’s a recap of the information shared.

Key contacts

  • General Concerns about the Hazeldean Crossings Development: Haya Sleiman haya@hazeldeancrossings.com
  • Blasting concerns: Explotech at 613-723-2494 or explotech@explotech.com.
  • For safety concerns: City Development Inspector via 3-1-1 OR Ministry of Labour at Toll-free: 1-877-202-0008.
  • Noise concerns or construction work outside of allowed hours: City of Ottawa by-law via 3-1-1.
  • Traffic concerns: City of Ottawa traffic inspector via 3-1-1.


General Construction Questions

What are the stages of construction? How long will this last?

  • There are a few stages of construction including, fence raising, tree clearing, trailer office set up, blasting, excavation for utilities (water, storm, and sanitation), excavation for the building, pouring foundation, and building erection.
  • These fit into two phases and altogether will last approximately 18 months (starting from February 2021).

What are the permitted hours for construction? What if work or noise occurs outside of those hours?

  • Under COVID-19 regulations as provided by the Province, work is permitted between 6:00am and 10:00pm. Bylaw officials are the best source of knowledge for this and can be reached via 3-1-1.
  • If work is continuing outside of these hours, please contact Bylaw officials at 3-1-1.

Where are contractors parking? Are there any restrictions for construction vehicles? Can construction vehicles park on Victor Street?

  • Contractors have designated parking on site. This may become a challenge as work progresses and more trades begin to arrive.
  • Construction vehicles may park on Victor, but are subject to the standard 3-hour parking limit. Bylaw can be called at 3-1-1 to investigate infractions.

Who do we contact about safety issues or concerns about the construction?

  • As a starting point safety concerns are best directed to the City of Ottawa Development Inspectors via 3-1-1. The Development Inspectors can investigate further and connect with the contractor and developer directly from there.
  • The Province’s Ministry of Labour Board can also be contacted and asked to look into any safety concerns or issues happening on site at Toll-free: 1-877-202-0008.
  • Note: The Ministry of Labour has already been on site and has approved the safety plan here.

Will there be work on weekends?

  • Not at the moment. The contractor tries to end early on Fridays to give residents a break from the blasting and hoe ramming work. Once the homes are built and the interior layout work begins, weekend work may be an option depending on the availability of the trades workers.

How does the City monitor new development sites?

  • Development Inspectors frequently visit the site both during development and after to ensure that all city standards are met and agreed upon before the official handover to the city takes place. This includes monitoring the maintenance efforts surrounding the work site.
  • Residents can submit service request via 3-1-1 or online to the Development Inspectors if there are any concerns or inquires that arise during any phase of the construction. Development Inspectors will communicate directly with the contractor/developer to find a solution.

How are existing utilities being protected?

  • Before any excavation projects begin the developer/contractor perform locates to know where existing utilities are. Hydrovac services (rather than digging) will be used for extra protection.
  • If something were to happen during the work where utilities are damaged city development inspectors will investigate, and the developer/contractor will notify residents of any disruptions.

What access is there to the site?

  • Access to the site at 5924 Hazeldean is located off primarily from Hazeldean road, across from the Ultramar gas station. There is a secondary access route located on Victor, but it is not currently in use.

How will delivery queues be managed?

  • Trucks will pull directly into the construction site to drop off materials. No trucks will be lined up along Victor or Denham. Staff on site will assist in managing the volume of vehicles.
  • At this time traffic control personnel is note required, but this is being monitored on a daily basis, and will be addressed appropriately as the project moves forward.

What is the timeline for the sidewalk?

  • The sidewalk and final asphalt lifts on Victorwill take place before the end of 2021.


Blasting Questions

What is the expected number of blasts that will occur each day?

  • Due to blasting being very disruptive to the surrounding community, the contractors/developer are trying to expedite the work here. Blasts per day can range anywhere from 3 to 8, however the aim is between 4 to 5 per day. Any less than this will see a prolonged blasting schedule.

How long will the blasting last?

  • Blasting work will last approximately another 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Blasting work is planned to occur between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, however Provincial regulations under COVID-19 allow for this work to take place between the hours of 6:00am and 22:00 (10:00pm).

We were told before that blasting was not required. Why are they allowed to do it now?

  • Due to the rocky bedding in Stittsville/Kanata, ramming the entire area would take far too long. Both blasting and ramming are equally loud and disruptive and having both on hand will allow the contractor to shorten the length of time needed to get this disruptive work completed.

What about the blasting warning whistle – it is barely audible?

  • The warning whistles meet safety requirements and are set by the blasting companies and cannot be increased in volume. Closed windows and wind directions can greatly decrease the sound levels of the warnings.

Are there requirements to stop traffic when blasting?

  • The only time traffic may be stopped is if the blasting was to take place on the City Right of Way.

Are blasting measurements available to the public?

  • Only the blasting companies have access to this and monitor the data very carefully through ten monitors located along the perimeter of the construction site. The best group to reach out to if there are concerns about blasting levels is Explotech at 613-723-2494 or explotech@explotech.com.

What is the procedure should a blast go over the limited amount?

  • If two blasts are recorded as going over the limit, then work must stop and be reconfigured. Both the blasting companies and the contractor are monitoring this through 10 different monitor locations along the perimeter of the construction site.

Where attics inspected pre-blast?

  • Attics were not included in the pre-blast surveys; however homeowners are more than welcome to reach out to Explotech to seek out expert opinion and further investigation. Explotech can be reached at 613-723-2494 or explotech@explotech.com.
  • Your Home insurance provider can also investigate further into any pending damage claims.

Victor Road Closure Questions

(more info here)

Why does the road need to be closed on Victor Street?

  • To replace old piping, as well as for connection access for the new build.

What are the dates of the closure?

  • The southbound lane will be closed on Victor from Thursday, March 4rd to Friday, April 2nd, 2021.
  • The northbound lane will remain open as a one-way connection to access the traffic lights at Victor and Hazeldean.
  • Savage will be the detour route.

Why can’t they tie in the utilities to Hazeldean / why do they have to tie them in across Victor?

  • The City of Ottawa would not permit access to the connections on Hazeldean as it is a main artery roadway, as Victor street has access to the required connections.

Who do we contact if there is a problem with parking or traffic due to the road closure?

  • Parking Issues: Bylaw via 3-1-1
  • Traffic Issues: Traffic Management Inspectors via 3-1-1

Was the closure of Victor in the initial planning proposal documents? Why or why not?

  • There is no constructability review required during the site plan application and proposal process, and Traffic Management is not included in this process.
  • Under the existing process, Traffic Management is only aware of the work by request of a Temporary Construction Encroachment, Road Closure and Road Cut Permit through the Right-of-Way permit office at time of construction. Developers/Contractors are not permitted to apply for these permits until they have their commence work order from site plan approval.

Will there be any changes to Savage Drive while Victor is closed? There is often speeding on the street and there is a curve near Hazeldean Road.

  • Savage will be monitored over the first few days of the detour and may see changes pending on traffic flow.

How will snowplows and garbage trucks access the street during the road closure?

  • Before the closure can be permitted, the City of Ottawa’s Roads team and Waste Management Team, along with Emergency vehicles must review any road closures to ensure their vehicles can navigate safety.
  • School buses have also been notified of the road closure.

Will #8 and #10 Victor Street be able to access their driveways? Will Moore’s Chiropractor patients have access to the parking lot?

  • The work here is not legally allowed to restrict access to homes and business.
  • Moore’s Chiropractor Clinic will have northbound access to their parking lot.


Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns.