UPDATE 2022-06-23: Planning Committee unanimously approved the plan. It will go to City Council on Wednesday, July 6

After months of work and consultation, the Stittsville Main Street Public Realm Plan is headed to Planning Committee for approval on June 23, 2022.

The plan provides direction for the rejuvenation of everything within the City’s right-of-way between Hazeldean Road and Bobcat Way—from the street and sidewalks to lighting and benches. It complements the existing Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan and Secondary Plan, which focus on the privately-owned elements of the street.

There has been extensive public consultation to develop this plan over the last couple years, beginning with the Revitalizing Stittsville Main Street discussion paper we published in January 2020. Hundreds of residents and representatives from community groups, institutions, and business participated in several working group meetings, public information sessions, surveys, and have sent their comments in through email. The feedback gathered directly influenced the new designs.

The proposed changes to the street through the new plan aim to improve the experience for all road users of the transportation corridor and support beautification of the street as a destination. Aspects of the plan include:

  • Widened sidewalks
  • Separated cycling facilities (2-meter wide cycletracks on each side of the street)
  • Raised and protected intersections
  • Street tree planting and greening
  • Crossing improvements at the TransCanada Trail and Poole Creek
  • Street furnishings
  • Improved bus stops with space for shelters
  • Renewed street and pedestrian-level lighting

The total cost for construction is estimated to be $22.66 million, though that is not currently funded. Implementation of the plan will be incremental: proposed upgrades to the street and replacements of elements within the public realm can be made as property redevelopment occurs or when specific funding becomes available. Staff will identify implementation funding through future capital budgets, partner government grants, and implementation through other City programs related to street furnishings, greening, or transportation and safety.

If approved by Planning Committee, the plan will go to Council on July 6 for final approval.

Document library:


  • January 2020: Councillor Gower publishes Revitalizing Stittsville Main Street discussion paper
  • Spring 2020: Feedback gathering on discussion paper: online survey, in-person workshops and a webinar, and we met with residents, businesses and community groups to gather feedback
  • Fall 2020: Councillor Gower posts “What we heard” report from our consultations. This included recommended next steps, such as working to improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure (recommendation #2)
  • January 2021: Call for interest and formation of a Stittsville Main Steering Committee to discuss ideas and serve as a sounding board to refine concepts. (This was recommendation #1 from the “What we heard” report.)
  • April 2021: City initiates work to develop Stittsville Main Street Public Realm Plan
  • September 2021: City launches public consultation on Engage Ottawa to develop plan
  • September to April 2022: City staff work with external consulting team on plan, collecting feedback from public, working group of stakeholders, and steering committee
  • April 2022: City holds public meeting to review draft plan
  • May 2022: Recommended plan posted for public review
  • June 2022: Final Stittsville Main Street Public Realm Plan goes to Planning Committee for approval