The snow is here and with that, the City of Ottawa’s winter maintenance team is hard at work. We have heard from several residents who have questions about winter parking restrictions on their street and we asked city staff to clear up the confusion.

Several streets in Stittsville are be restricted to one-sided parking during the winter months to assist with snow clearing. Snow plow operators, city staff and the previous councillor met in the fall to identify additional streets where parking presented a challenge for snow removal. Residents living on one of the new streets added this program should have received a written notice in November.

Ironically, due to the early arrival of snow this winter, some of the affected streets do not yet have signs posted to indicate winter parking restrictions! Until those signs are in place, standard parking regulations will continue to apply.

(Remember that there’s no on-street parking allowed during a winter overnight parking ban, regardless of signage. For more information on winter parking and the winter overnight parking ban, visit

Here’s a list of the streets that have one-sided parking for the season:

  • Aquilo Cr
  • Bandalier Way
  • Campobello Dr
  • Cherokee Way (new this season)
  • Denali Way (new this season)
  • Etesian St
  • Harmattan Ave
  • Horseshoe Cres (new this season)
  • Kohilo Cres (new this season)
  • Livery St (new this season)
  • Losino Cres (new this season)
  • Maloja Way
  • Messor Cr
  • Mojave Cres (new this season)
  • Pampero Cr
  • Par-la-ville Cir
  • Rosehill Ave
  • Santolina St (new this season)
  • Shawondasee St (new this season)
  • Sonesta Cir
  • Talltree Cres (new this season)
  • Tempest Dr
  • Vendevale Ave
  • Warmstone Dr (new this season)
  • Whalings Cres (new this season)

Please reach out to our team if you have questions about how you may be impacted by winter parking restrictions. If you’d like to suggest a street for winter parking restrictions next season, let us know. We are happy to help!  Email us at