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New Area Speed Limit signs are being installed in the West Ridge area this week, west of Stittsville Main between Fernbank and Hazeldean. The signs help establish a consistent 40km/h speed limit on all residential streets. Watch this video for more information or click here.

A few updates to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • These signs are approved under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act. They are new and not familiar to residents today, but as more neighbourhoods and cities introduce them they will become the norm.
  • Cost – for converting new neighbourhoods the City is spending roughly $50,000 city-wide, which works out to just under $2,200 per ward. (For comparison, our yearly budget in Stittsville for temporary traffic calming — all the flex stakes and speed boards etc. — is $50,000.)
  • There’s also an ongoing cost savings by limiting the number of signs that have to be produced and maintained in neighbourhoods. For example in West Ridge the number of signs required shrinks from >100 to just 22.
  • Signs alone won’t stop people from speeding, but combined with better enforcement, road design, and education, we can start to make a difference.

De nouveaux panneaux de limite de vitesse bientôt dans le secteur de West Ridge

Cette semaine, de nouveaux panneaux de limite de vitesse seront bientôt installés dans le secteur de West Ridge, à l’ouest de la rue Stittsville Main, entre les chemins Fernbank et Hazeldean. Ces panneaux fixent une limite uniforme de 40 km/h pour toutes les rues résidentielles. Pour en savoir plus, regardez cette vidéo ou cliquez ici.