Lundi, j’ai eu la chance de visiter les installations d’OC Transpo, là où se fait l’entretien du parc de plus de 1 000 autobus. Chaque autobus y est traité aux petits soins : nettoyage, plein d’essence et inspection au quotidien, un peu comme dans un stand de ravitaillement NASCAR.

On Monday I had the opportunity to visit OC Transpo headquarters on St. Laurent Boulevard and see how the fleet of over 1,000 buses is maintained. Each bus gets cleaned, refuelled, and checked over on a daily basis – kind of like a NASCAR pit stop. We also got to try out the bus and LRT simulators that are used for driver training and scenario planning. I’ve shared some videos from our visit below.

The visit was with councillors and public members who are part of the city’s Transit Commission. This was an excellent opportunity to see first hand how our transit system works — and will help us make better decisions in the future.