At Bradley-Craig Park in Abbottsville Crossing in Stittsville.

This week:

  • OSTA school buses; driver recruitment at
  • Light rail subcommittee: update on Stage 2 LRT
  • 37 Wildpine info meeting
  • Brew Revolution & friends fundraiser for the food bank
  • Happy 9th anniversary to
  • Construction at Abbott’s Run and update on Robert Grant Avenue
  • Livery Street closure (Ginseng to Bobolink) starting September 11
  • Trans Canada Trail lookout repairs
  • Register for Fall Cleaning the Capital
  • Multicultural & Human Rights calendar
  • Pretty Street Community Center update
  • Investing in supportive housing
  • Budget direction report at Finance Committee
  • Zoning by-law update at Planning Committee: Bill 23 & 3 units per lot

Coming up in the community;

  • Bradley-Craig Park naming ceremony on Thursday at 3pm
  • September 9 Butter Tart Festival


  • Don’t drain your pool into sewers with a fish logo
  • Back to school traffic safety reminder

Have an excellent long weekend!

–Councillor Glen


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