(Photo: Bradley-Craig barn in 2013)

If you’ve passed by the Bradley-Craig barn on Hazeldean Road on recent months, you may have noticed a lot of activity.

The farmstead, including the barn and farmhouse, is owned by Richcraft. After considering moving the barn several years ago, the company has decided to restore the barn on site and adapt it for a new use. The new use has not yet been determined, but heritage stonemasons have been busy since last fall repairing and re-pointing the stone foundation and work has begun to repair and restore areas of rotten wood and missing barn board.

Repairs and re-pointing of the red brick and waterproofing of the stone foundation of the farmhouse will begin soon. The rehabilitation and restoration work will ensure that the Bradley Craig farmstead continues to serve as a landmark in former Goulbourn township and reminder of the area’s agricultural history for years to come. All of the work is monitored and inspected by City inspectors to ensure that heritage elements of the barn are not damaged.  (Councillor Glen attended a site visit with heritage staff and by-law inspectors in April 2021 to review the work in progress.)

Bradley-Craig barn foundation restoration, April 2021

Bradley-Craig barn foundation restoration, April 2021


City heritage staff have reviewed plans for the restoration and so far have issued permits for work including:

  • Repair and replacement of portions of the barn’s existing sill beam.
  • Installation of timber planks on north exterior elevation of barn to match planks removed due to deteriorated condition.
  • Replacement of deteriorated steel window lintels with matching lintels on stone portion north elevation.
  • Reinstatement of large barn doors on north elevation.
  • Removal of two wooden outbuildings located at the northwest and southwest corners of the barn.
  • Removal of rear addition to existing farmhouse.
  • Removal of porch enclosure, retention of existing porch posts.
  • Re-pointing of exterior bricks and stone foundation, brick and stones to be replaced where significantly deteriorated. Partial excavation around perimeter of home required to re-point portions of foundation.
  • Repair and partial reconstruction of existing chimney using existing bricks.


About the barn
The Bradley Craig Barn, 590 Hazeldean Road was constructed in 1873 by local carpenter, John Cummings for the Bradley family who settled this land in 1821. Cummings built four similar barns in Goulbourn Township in the 19th century, and this barn is the last remaining example of his work. The huge red barn is an unusually large and rare example of a timber dairy barn in Ontario, it is constructed completely of wood with no metal fasteners. The joinery is secured with wooden pegs instead of nails. The large dairy barn and accompanying red brick farmhouse were designated under the Ontario Heritage Act by City Council for their cultural heritage value in 2010.

Interior of the Bradley Craig barn showing mortise and tenon joinery with wooden fasteners. April 2021